Bell Tent ‘Andover

We started getting on with some of the things on our to do list like…

  • deciding on what we wanted on a website, getting some quotes for designing it
  • finding a graphic designer to do our logo for us
  • sorting out storage for the bell tent equipment so that we could arrange a handover (current storage: Andover – hence the title pun *groan*. I’m turning into Matt *double groan*).
  • getting familiar with the bell tent packages
  • reviewing the packages and prices offered to ensure we were happy with what was included
  • deciding on an accountant to use
  • having a virtual meeting on the new system, deciding if we were going ahead with it (pros/cons etc)
  • setting up a bank account
  • deciding on an accountancy package to use
  • sorting our insurance

The lists were endless but between us we started ticking things off – the best part of having a list in the first place (we don’t call Helen our Organisation Addict for nothing!)!

Starting to get our name out there was also essential.  Craig used his social media platform  -Marquees By Nixon Ltd to share the news.

One of the things we had arranged as part of buying the business was a handover meeting with Alan & Emily.  Having run Baylily Bell Tents successfully for 10 years we were keen to hear any tips and advice they had for us.  Also, being digital visibility specialists with their company Yellow Tuxedo we knew they would be an invaluable source of information for us.  We had our questions ready to grill them!  Having worked with Craig in the past they felt confident that selling the business to us was the right decision and were keen to help us get started.

We arranged a coffee and cake handover and fittingly enjoyed our meeting in one of Marquees By Nixon’s igloos.  The meeting was fab – we all toasted the new adventure, chatted life, families and of course bell tents, ate cake, drank coffee (what meeting were you at? I definitely drank fizz!) and felt excited about the next steps.