Season Launch

‘Don’t forget to keep me updated and send me pictures’. My famous last words to Matt as he and Craig trundled off on our first job of the season (of the business).

‘Don’t bother me with updates or pictures’. What Matt heard.

So, that day, I was a bundle of excitement. Our. First. Job. Our first job as business owners. Our first opportunity to see the results of all that preparation and steep learning. Our first opportunity to create something for our customers to enjoy.

When the photos did eventually come through, I was blown away. Although I had seen what Alan and Emily had created as Baylily somehow, seeing it created as Together Tents, blew my mind! It sounds patronising but I felt so proud of Craig and, of course, Matt. They had pulled it off. The colours looked amazing together and it suddenly felt like we might actually be able to do this.

It was that very wet and pretty windy weekend in April (pahahaha). We spent a sleepless night hoping that the waterproofing was waterproofing, the zips were zipped and there was nothing touching the canvas from the inside.

Before we knew it, it was take down day. Off they trundled again but, this time, we had Helen and the boys at our house to help with the nerves! Needless to say, on Craig and Matt’s return, a cork was popped and there was a collective sigh of relief.

A couple of fabulous, and gratefully received, reviews later, and we allowed ourselves a little pat on the back.