Branding #1

Having agreed a deal, we all went full throttle into thinking about a company name and logo.  I mean we didn’t know how to put up a bell tent (it couldn’t be that hard could it?!?) but priorities right???

We checked out the competition: did some social media stalking, internet trawling and had a look at other companies to ensure we didn’t unknowingly use an existing name.  Then the fun began, what did we want to be called?  What did we think represented us & our product? Needless to say, there were some interesting suggestions made…

We toyed with the idea of using bell in the name (quite a popular choice but definitely resulted in some more amusing suggestions😉)

We thought about using letter combinations from our families names (this didn’t work out well)

We looked at alliteration…(throwback to Key Stage 2 teaching)

After a little bit of back and forth but surprisingly not too much we had our name….

Together Tents


We felt it sounded right and represented what we wanted to be about – a fusion of friendship, family, bell tents and marquees.

Surprisingly from there the initial logo design came quite quickly.  Before we knew it Matt had sent a couple of images for us all to look at and we quickly narrowed it down.  A few tweaks on shape and colour and we had an image to go with our new name.  We were very happy and counted it as a successful evening’s work!


Meet Together Tents😊


NB Now, slight spoiler alert if you haven’t already noticed… this isn’t our logo and a future blog will give you the low down on the whys and wherefores of that! But for now, we were very happy with where we were and ready for the adventure ahead!