Top 5 Tips for a Blank Canvas Event

  1. Walk the whole space

There is often a clear site plan for a venue, which is used for marketing by the venue and their suppliers. Rightly so; these photos ‘show off’ the best, most picturesque areas of the setting. However, there are often hidden areas within venues that you may not have seen or thought of. Take a walk around the whole venue – maybe at different times of the year, during the day, at night. Then, you can make a decision about where to put your marquee, your bell tents, your children’s area; where to take those photos. This way, you make a beautiful setting even more unique to you.

Our bride had spent a whole year walking around Spirit Lake and, finally, settled on her guest tents alongside the beautiful lake whilst the children settled a little further away from the marquee, nestled amongst the trees.                                     

  1. Tell your story

Of course, some of your suppliers will know your story inside-out; those suppliers who are directly helping you to create your theme. As bell tent suppliers – as with many of our industry colleagues – we tend not to get as involved in your theme in the same way. Our purpose is to provide you and your guests with comfortable, pretty bell tents to collapse into at the end of the night! However, talk to all of your suppliers about your story. Not only do we love to get swept away in the fun, the funny and the romance but, where possible, we will work around your vision so that our bell tents also ‘fit’.

The very talented mother-of-the-bride made metres and metres of sunflower bunting. We were thrilled to be able to keep the ‘flow’ of the theme by adding the bunting to our tents, and we popped in a few sunflowers for good measure!

  1. Ask your suppliers

It is imperative that you feel confident that your suppliers are more than just ‘supplying’ – you need to know that they care and are listening. Planning an event can be daunting and overwhelming. We know – we’ve done it! However, don’t let these feelings distract you from the fun and excitement of planning. A trusted supplier will have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Tap into that. Bounce ideas off them. Develop new ideas together. Don’t be afraid to ‘use’ them to help you to create that vision. We are passionate about what we do – we don’t just ‘supply’.

  1. Keep an open mind

It’s easier said that done! And you will have some non-negotiable ideas that are set in stone, which you absolutely should have and shouldn’t deviate from. However, if you can keep the end-goal – fun and celebration – in mind, it will help in sorting out the detail (and any mini obstacles that come your way!). Allow your suppliers to help you to find workable solutions and know that the outcome – fun and celebration – will be achieved.

  1. Add your personal touches

As suppliers, we do everything in our power to provide the highest possible service and product (in our case, bell tents!). However, you know your guests best and you know how to make your event unique to yourselves and your guests. Add those little touches to make that happen. We are blown away by the thoughtful touches that we see once our tents are up and ready to go – hangover kits, tent names, breakfast hampers – to name a few of the best ones…so far…!

Last tips on the house!

Most of these are quite specific to bell tents/camping but not all…

  • If you are having children at the event, think about where they need to sleep – do their parents want them close-by so that they can dance the night away, or do they need to be a bit further away from the noise? If there are any baby monitors needed, the distances will need to be considered.
  • Think about the mid-night toilet trek when positioning tents and loos.
  • It’s not much fun sleeping downhill!
  • Allow your guests to wake up with a view of the venue, not a view of their neighbour!
  • Bell tents are gorgeous (and, yes, we are biased!) but, at the end of the day, they are still tents! Tent rules apply: flip flops for that mid-night trek, layers for warmth, nothing touching the canvas!
  • You may need licenses for blank canvas venues unless they are already covered by the venue. Check about music, noise, alcohol.