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As bell tent owners, we felt that a camping-related blog post seemed a fitting way to resurrect our blog.  Having recently returned home from our second camping trip of the year, it seemed fitting that today be the day I wrote it. It is now raining as I’m sat here and, to be perfectly honest, I am more than glad that we are at home today. To be clear, when I talk about camping, I am currently referring to our trips in our caravan.  Pre-kids, we used to camp in our tent but, as I am frequently reminded, we are now lucky enough to camp in more luxury.  I don’t disagree that a caravan is more luxurious than a tent, however there are still things that are only relevant when you are camping; no matter how you do it.   

We’ll ignore the prep that comes before – to do lists, shopping, packing etc as these are relevant to most holidays.  Once you have secured your spot (& I’m glossing over how tricky it can be to find just the right spot that you agree on!), there is the setting up.  The caravan itself is fairly straightforward (bar our first trip back in February this year which involved ramps & blocks). 

Then comes the awning… this is like putting up your tent except you have to attach it to the caravan.  I’m sure it sounds easy; I mean it always looks like it should be but – believe me when I say – it has at times taken up A LOT of our time!  Once it is up, we have a system of who sorts what – largely based upon one of us sorting inside and the other sorting outside all whilst trying to get the kids to help/keeping them entertained when they don’t want to!  This is where your set up spot is important as you may be lucky enough to be right next to the park, one where you can see the kids playing safely whilst you argue your way through setting up! 

Finally, you’ll be done & ready to sit down with a drink in hand to hopefully enjoy the beautiful outdoors.   

…before it all starts again in reverse with the taking down and packing up! 

 Top tips from the seasoned experts

A few things I have learnt from our camping trips… 

  1. You can NEVER have enough layers of clothing to put on.  Our caravan does have heating but, for those outdoor times (of which there are loads even when caravanning!), you need layers that you can add to. 
  2. Even when it isn’t raining, there is a high probability that your kids will still get covered in mud. 
  3. Rain will be forecast around pack up time. 
  4. You will hardly use half the things you take for your kids but they will want the one thing you forget (I’m sure this universally applies to any holiday with kids). 
  5. If you see a good idea then take it away with you and use it on your next camping trip.  We always see at least one good idea to take with us each time.   
  6. Kids LOVE camping.  It may not be my holiday of choice but there is no denying how much my kids love it & how much they enjoy just being outdoors.  In a time where the world is fast-paced and kids seem to grow up so fast, camping really does allow them to just forget it all & be kids.  And this is the reason we go camping. 

So, if you like the idea of camping but want to do it as stress free as possible then why not check out our website and hire one of our lovely coloured bell tents?  We’ll set it up and take it down for you so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the outdoors. 

Helen x