Creating the Content

It’s been just over a year (give or take a month ) since I started the Together Tents Instagram page.  It has grown a lot since that first post but it has also been a constantly changing learning curve!   

 The Ideas Lab

The number of apps I have downloaded; tried to learn how to use; given up on (& reinstalled at a later date!) all in order to create interesting & varied content is endless. 

When you use social media for your business you want to make sure you are keeping up with current trends, keeping an online presence, using the right # & then there’s the holy grail of engagement.  There is a lot more to the world of business social media than I will ever understand!  It all starts with your idea.  Sometimes it just comes to you (I’d like to say these happen all the time but unfortunately, they don’t!). Sometimes you see something somebody else does and you can see how it would work for you (love to magpie an idea). At other times a # or date can prompt a post.  But a lot of the time it is just you sitting there trying to think of different ways to share the same information about your business.  Whilst we have different packages on offer & every single set up is different, we are always going to be sharing bell tent photos or videos.   



The Creation Station

As for videos/reels… I could write a whole separate post on creating them!  They always seem so easy (once you have the idea that is) but then you have to film the content which of course is always a one take job…(is it for anyone?!?). Then there’s the editing, using whichever app seems to have the features I think I need (yet still always has something missing that  I didn’t think of in advance).  Let’s just say, I have learnt by my mistakes in the editing process – there have been many discarded edits, some lost edits and again many versions of the same edit before it gets shared! It is a time-consuming process. 

 It’s Good to Share

Then there’s the actual sharing your post.  Sometimes the ones that have taken 5 minutes to think of & share are the ones that prove most popular.  This is of course great but equally it can be disheartening when you have put all your effort into creating content that you think will hit your target audience yet for some reason doesn’t… the highs & lows of content creation!! 


And all of this is just so that we can create content for our business page that we hope will keep people looking at us, sharing us and ultimately booking with us.  So to finish… 

Support Small Businesses


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Helen x