Sunday morning got off to a hectic start with the boys attending a soft play birthday party – every parents idea of fun!! A quick pit stop at home for some lunch and we were off to meet Alan & Emily to discuss bell tents.

We had all had time to think of our questions and were ready to grill them… (Craig less so as he knew them and their business reasonably well already, plus he was too busy looking at the potential!).

For once we arrived on time and first (this is not a common occurrence in our household! *except on work days when we are all VERY punctual*) The boys were keen to get out and meet Alan & Emily’s children and before we knew it they were heading off down the garden to play. Not long after Matt arrived with Will. Will soon joined the others in the garden leaving the 5 of us to chat.

The next couple of hours passed quickly and lots of discussions were had. Looking back, I can’t recall exactly what they were but they ticked things off our lists and left us all feeling like maybe, just maybe we could make it work. Craig was quietly smug as he’d been pretty confident that meeting them and talking to them would set our minds at ease. We left having stated our definite interest but leaving an offer to be made.

Negotiating is a strength of Craig’s so we all decided that we would leave him to deal with that side of things. We had a figure in mind and some negotiating room around it so we left Craig to put the offer in. Cue a momentary panic of what have we done? What if they aren’t happy with the offer? How long will we have to wait to find out?

Needless to say some of us had a restless night but luckily they didn’t keep us waiting long and by lunchtime the next day we were the proud owners of a bell tent company!