‘What do you think of going out and putting up some bell tents?’ was the last thing I expected to hear as we sat down to dinner one evening. I’m sure it took me a few minutes to answer and even then my answer was a very confused ‘What?’.

I mean, yes, we have a marquee company but no bell tents and whilst growing the business has always been part of the agenda this was a new one on me.

Mild panic set in… a conversation was started and a bit of background information was shared including the fact that he’d mentioned it to Matt as a ‘what if…’ type scenario for working together. Needless to say the conversation went round in circles A LOT!

Days passed with a bit more chat around the idea and possibilities were discussed…

Is it a good opportunity? (yes)
Would it be a good addition to the existing business? (yes)
Could we make it work? (probably)
How could we make it work? (The big question!!)
What options do we have?

After some chat on our side and some chat on Matt’s side, it was decided that we all felt it was a good opportunity with potential and agreed to get together to discuss our thoughts, worries, pro’s, con’s etc.

As nothing ever runs exactly to plan, our lovely get-together had a spanner thrown in by a flood at our house after some extreme weather! With stress levels high (& then some!), we weren’t sure we would make lunch and thought our chat might have to be postponed… Luckily, that wasn’t the case and after a delicious roast (thanks Jo 😊) we started to chat through our thoughts. With a glass of wine (or several) in hand there was a lot of back & forth and round & round – I’m sure you can picture the scene! However, we did eventually all come to the conclusion that we were interested.

Leaving Craig in charge of expressing our interest and arranging a date to meet up with Alan & Emily so we could give them the third degree we called it a day.

I’d like to say this left us all feeling happy and relaxed. Yet whilst there was excitement I couldn’t help but also be worried about what might lay ahead. Wouldn’t you be too?

Opportunity flooding

Flooded home