The Greatest Showman

Wednesday 20th October got off to a very wet start. Not ideal when your plan is to attend an outdoors event… I honestly couldn’t have been more thrilled!  Wet on the school run then off to get wetter.

Our first ever Together Tents & Marquees By Nixon business day out was fittingly to the Showman Show.  Billed as the ‘original and most comprehensive exhibition of products, services and entertainment for the outdoor and special event world’ it seemed a good place for us to get started.

The good start to the day continued  with a turn around in the journey due to a forgotten phone but soon we were on our way.

Typically by the time we arrived the rain had started up again and we just about managed to get inside before the heavens opened.  Never had we been so grateful to see indoor stands and a coffee kiosk! Once equipped with hot coffees and business name tags ( obviously a highlight!) we headed in.  I won’t bore you with all the detail about who exhibited there but needless to say there were a lot of businesses around.  In true Craig fashion he bumped into people he knew, where ever he goes he always manages to know someone (and Matt is no different)!

We admired outdoor structures (there were some very impressive wooden tent style erections…maybe one day 😉 (it’s wrong that the (ex) teacher in me sniggered here isn’t it?!)) and internal design and decoration for those of us with a more artistic flair.  There was a lot to absorb, most for our future developments but a few things were more relevant to the stage we were at now.  One of these was systems management –  it may not have been exciting or pretty or spark our imaginations but it was essential in helping us to get up and running (Matt loves a system and the words ‘system’ and ‘van’ are now considered swear words at Together Tents HQ. More on the van situation later!).  So we chatted systems, made plans to have a virtual meeting and we were done for the day … leaving us just enough time to get back and head out on another wet school run- the glamour!!