Branding #37,943

The Brand Story

Being an aircraft engineer and teacher by trade, neither Matt nor I had a clue about running a business, although I do love a question so had indirectly already learnt a lot from Craig just from being interested as a friend. But we are hard-working, up for a challenge and (clearly) easily persuaded. Alongside this, although Matt did a sterling job on our battered old laptop and Excel circa 1942, we are most definitely not Graphic Designers. Matt’s logo tells our story well – we are 8 people, forever together through friendship, with beautiful coloured bells (and new hope for new beginnings after the profound effect that Covid had on us as families). However, our story isn’t what customers are initially going to buy into (indeed, they never have to buy into it – they are writing their own stories!). So, we knew that we needed some expertise and we found Clare.

The shortest working relationship on record

Poor Clare wished that we had never found her! The thing is, we are 4 very different people with 4 very different viewpoints. In hindsight, you only have to look at our homes and how we all dress to see that. Isn’t hindsight great! It’s why our friendship works and, in time, why we think our business will work. But, it makes for lots of stress when you are deciding on ONE logo for ONE business! I mean, I don’t want to be dramatic here, but divorce was on the cards! Can you divorce your friends?! Who knew that it was possible to argue (sorry, debate) about the height of a tent post! In a picture!

Finding The One

And then, all of a sudden, it happened. Clare listened carefully, poured more coffee I expect (maybe even gin!) and hit the jackpot. The font seemed soft and yet had a flair to show what we hoped to build or what people could create; the tent was warm and welcoming in the same way that we hope to be warm and welcoming; and the bunting showed our USP – our bell tents are coloured and colourful. Where Matt’s logo showed our story, this logo showed the story of our business and what we were hoping to build for our customers and, ultimately, for our families.