This week’s blog post comes from Helen – you’ll be glad of the change. She wrote it way back when she started our Instagram page. Don’t worry, you didn’t go into work on a Bank Holiday that you didn’t know about! You’d be forgiven if you did this year! Over to Helen…

I was going to start by saying wow how good it was to have a bank holiday weekend. But then realised mine wasn’t that exciting and was quite heavily work related – such is small business life.  To be fair, the boys loved every minute. Between a family work day (a mix of marquee and bell tent work) & being able to finally get out in the garden, the boys were more than happy 😊.

I enjoyed mine less… with added drama over a puncture it was stressful & expensive too!

But let’s not dwell on that.  Let’s focus on the positive, I became an Instagram expert in one weekend😉 Seriously though, how is there so much to learn about one social media platform?  I thought I had a bit of an understanding based on the fact that I have a personal account but I now realise I’ve had no clue about any of it this whole time.

My starting point had been to ask family & friends with business accounts what the pros and cons were.  I thought this would be enough to get me started and I guess I could have left it there….  But after Googling a few things to help me initially set up an account (what to include in your bio, when’s best to post, what are the best hashtags to use to promote your business to name but a few) I fell down the rabbit hole.

Now I have downloaded various apps, watched A LOT of tutorials, read endless articles, made pages of notes & am hopefully becoming more insta aware.  My evenings are filled with planning and creating content for our business page, scheduling their posting (see I did learn something, consistency is key), learning what helps with engagement (interactive stickers, active stories, hyperlinks, hashtags, comments etc etc)  Who knew that social media could be such work?!?

So to finish..

Please head to Instagram and follow, like & share our account!!  @togethertentsltd

Thank you 😊

Helen x